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Jan 21, 2019

The unmet expectations we put on God often lead to frustration which can quickly turn into offense.

We all have wants and desires and even NEEDS for many different things including financial help, miraculous healing, marital help, being able to conceive and get pregnant, a desire for different work, more time to enjoy life, and a billion other things. The list literally never stops and we may find ourselves overwhelmed with our lack and enter into frustration and offense with God.

Jesus was used to people being offended by Him. But as He shares in this Bible Verse those who are NOT offended by Him can EXPECT to be blessed.

When we set aside our lack of understanding and recognize we are only seeing through a limited window we can change our offense for TRUST in God. We might not have what we want, or have our expectations met but when we truly trust our God we understand that we don’t have all of the answers but He is the Truth we can depend on, even when everything else makes no sense.

If we desire His blessings we need to surrender our offense, and that’s not always easy to admit we have. BUT… when we dig into this Bible verse we find that God has more for us than we have assumed, and it is so so good. 

Listen now to learn how to apply Matthew 11:6 IRL. 


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