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Mar 4, 2019

Weakness doesn't often bring to mind good things. Instead we are reminded of the pain, the weight and the burden from the brokenness. Weakness is often frowned upon and equated with failure...

But God sees something so much more.

He encourages us to endure anyway, to not give up, to press through for a reason… for a reward.

God’s Word teaches us that there is much to come from our weakness if we let Him reign in them instead of our own misery ruling us.

Struggling through infertility, addiction, parenthood, marriage, finances… all of these things can have so much goodness and STRENGTH when we apply this Scripture in Real Life!

Listen now to learn how to apply 2 Chronicles 15:7 IRL. 

*Be sure to listen to our previous episode called, “The Right Verse” where we discuss Matthew 4:4 which we briefly discuss in this episode.

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