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Jan 7, 2019

Jesus said a lot of things, and did a lot of things that freaked people out. He was bold and He often offended others. Most people with this reputation are easily forgotten, they don’t become worldwide, generation after generation famous… But Jesus did! 

There is something very different about Jesus.

This difference is why we still know His name, we still quote His words, why people’s lives are completely changed because of Him. Once we choose to surrender our assumptions and find the truth at all costs we realize an intimacy with our Creator is on a much deeper, more powerful level than we have ever realized.

What if we set aside our offense and looked deeper into the Who of Jesus. What if we stopped letting offense get in the way of the truth? Wouldn’t it be better to admit we are wrong than act foolishly believing a lie?

If Jesus really is the Way, the Truth and the Life, what does it mean if we keep excluding Him from our lives?

Listen now to learn how to apply John 14:6 IRL. 


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