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Dec 31, 2018

God asks us to love no matter what.

Not focus on injustice and to dwell in the anger of this world but to serve Him through forgiveness, service, and love.

The way a Christ follower is called to treat their enemies makes NO sense! No one in their right mind would agree that loving people who have wronged us is the right thing to do, yet it makes COMPLETE sense when we live it out. We see the greater purpose beyond our own desires to be right and justified, we see God’s purpose.

Honestly, most of us just skim over scriptures like this and dwell in the justifications for our anger. But we are partnering with God and choosing His way, knowing that His Word is meant to help and not hurt us.

One great revelation we had during this podcast was that we might not have enemies that come to mind easily… but we do often have at least 1 enemy and that is ourselves.

We are the ones who work against God and His good and instead partner with Satan himself to cause division between us and God. 

Listen now to learn how to apply Matthew 5:44 IRL. 


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